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Teacher Quality

“The teacher’s role is to observe each individual child and provide safety, comfort, guidance, strength and coaching.”

– Dr. Maria Montessori

Our key goals for the children are to nurture them and build their:

  • Self-discipline
  • Self-motivation and self-responsibility and
  • Empathy for others and understanding for their surroundings.

In order to achieve these goals, all of our lead teachers are Montessori certified and our assistant teachers are encouraged to pursue Montessori Certification.

Heritage Montessori provides teachers with the following:

  • Training through additional classes,
  • Two day long yearly conferences where teachers hear from outside consultants and share their experiences with them,
  • The school also sponsors the teacher’s training and certification.

We value the experience and dedication our lead teachers bring to the class room. So guess what? As opposed to many day-cares or Montessori schools, we pay our lead teachers an exceptional hourly rate.  Our lead teachers are paid higher than other schools but at the same time, the school demands much more from each teacher. These are things other schools and day-care don’t want to talk about, but we feel this differentiates our school from all other schools and day-cares and creates a win-win for teachers and parents.

Contrary to traditional day-cares or schooling, The Montessori Method is centered on the activities the children perform rather than the activities of the teacher in the classroom. The teacher’s role is to observe each child and provide safety, comfort, guidance, strength and coaching to each individual child, according to their individual needs.

Our classrooms are designed in such a way, and equipped with a lot of materials, that they present great opportunities for each child to learn LITERALLY at each step-of-the-way. The teacher is the link between the children and the Montessori materials. Our teachers are knowledgeable on the significance and objective behind each and every Montessori material.

Our teachers are trained to be attentive and sensitive, to continuously evaluate the growth of each child and to feed them with challenging and rewarding activities. They are trained to be compassionate yet disciplined, just and active, creative and truthful. They must provide each child with the necessary balance to build the trust and confidence necessary to achieve independence and continuous learning.

Heritage Montessori’s top priority is the quality of its teachers. Each environment (Pre-Primary and Primary) is headed by a certified Montessori teacher.  Assistants to the teachers are preferentially also certified or in the process of obtaining certification.