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Lunch Menu

Dr. Montessori’s method emphasizes taking pride in ownership of tasks and performing socially relevant tasks. Based on this theme, our teachers encourage the children to practice a lot of the kitchen tasks such as pouring, cleaning, organizing etc. Along with this, good food habits such as touching and putting vegetables together, collaborative cooking encourage them to develop good food habits.
Our lunch time starts at 11:30am to 12:30pm. Lunch is prepared in the kitchen and wheeled into each classroom. Children prepare their tables to get ready for lunch. They take turns to help the teacher so they take pride in helping. The lunch menu’s are posted each month below for you to download. The menu is prepared by a third party company to which you have to make payments directly. You have an option to bring food from home.
If your child has allergies, or you like to choose vegetarian option, please let the staff know. Also, if you are suspecting that your child has not finished their meals, do ask the teacher about it.

You can download this month’s Lunch Menu HERE!