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Message From Owners

Dear Parents,

We like to thank you for choosing our school and entrusting us with the care and learning goals of your children.

Kaki Reddy and Aline Lage founded the schools and want to share our values, philosophy and learning environment of our schools.   Kaki’s daughters Naomi and Naiesa and Aline’s son and daughter Michael and Ana went through the Montessori based learning and are a staunch supporters of this system.  Naiesa went through our own school and are able to see the great results.  Aline has over 30 years of Montessori teaching, traditional education and school management background and considers the schools an extension of herself.

Our Mission – Children’s learning is our first and foremost goal along with meeting and exceeding standards in safety, care, and having a positive environment for the teachers and staff.

Curriculum – We offer extended hours for working families, therefore we open at 7:00 am and close at 6:30 pm. Our Montessori Method starts at 8:30am and continues until 2:45pm with a diversified arts, sports, languages, outdoor play, music, computers taking the reminder part of the day.  This balanced approach allows challenging the children as well as letting everything seem like play.   Montessori Method advocates self-discipline to care for the environment and others, self-directed learning and developing passion for learning.  We differentiate ourselves from day care environment which emphasizes state minimum standards and DFPS inspections and not learning.  We certainly understand you are looking to give your child a strong start in learning.

Safety – Safety is taken seriously at our schools and staff is continuously trained in it as part of the state standards.

Staff – We believe happy teachers and strong administrative training leads to a well-balanced school.  Our lead teachers have been with us for years, some of them since 2005, they are Montessori trained and have strong educational backgrounds. They have been involved in the child care industry and know what it means to go beyond the expected Minimum Standards.

Technology – We use software aided Montessori teaching which works in language, reading, and social studies teaching through well-developed programs. As well as  science field trips, and scientifically developed Montessori curriculum.