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School Begins – Welcome back!

School Begins - Welcome back!
After a long summer break it's time to get back to your friends at Heritage Montessori Academy! We look forward to the new school year and hope you do too!
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2015-2016 School Calendar

Click Here to Download Our 2015-2016 Calendar


Kid’s Night Out –

Why: This service is offered as a convenience to parents so they can pre-plan to take a break and be with their spouses and do things that otherwise requires them to get a nanny.  Kids also think this is cool that they get to spend time with friends in a sleep-over type of setting.  We understand that parenting is all consuming activity and parents need a breather to catch up with each other or with other parents. 

When: refer to campus calendar for specific times

What: Parents enjoy a date night or quiet, kid-free evening while your children spend the evening with a pizza dinner, creating crafts, playing games with their friends and watching a movie!

Where: Campus gymnasium

** Send the kids in their pajamas with a pillow and blanket. (Tennis shoes recommended)

For Administration: Use the template to send out invite to all parents, have sign-up sheet forms at front desk, invoice the parents who signed up, have teachers sign up who wants to work that day, have the activity logistics discussed in a staff meeting.


Picture Day –

Why: At Heritage Montessori, we believe your child will have life changing personal moments that stay with them lifelong.  What better way to preserve these than by having a record of pictures which tell a story better than a thousand words?

When: refer to campus calendar for specific times

What: Your child will have an individual professionally taken photo op as well as a classroom group photo; each family will receive proofs and purchase choices following the photo shot.

Where: on-campus

For Administration: Photo release forms signed, schedule reminders sent to the parents, flyers and attire recommendations templates sent.


International Festival –

Why: Dr. Maria Montessori’s method of learning gained internal popularity especially when Moussolini banned her from entering Italy during war time. We have parents from all nationalities.  Dr. Montessori also stressed the need to think globally as a one global citizen and incorporated this into her curriculum.  To emphasize this global mindset, we like to celebrate International Festival to expose our children to the different cultures of the world.  Small things like these have big impact on their impressionable minds and we do not mind the extra effort that it takes to give this experience to our children.

When: refer to campus calendar for specific times

What: A time for your children to display and perform their knowledge from around the world! A special event full of music, dancing, international treats and more! A wonderful event for the entire family and a must attend event!.

Where: on-campus both indoors and outdoors.

For Administration: Building Maintenance Check list, T-shirt order form, Attire recommendation, Food participation sign-up and drop off requirements, parking notification, following the performance instructions, videographer requests, logistical details for staff, event program, reminder emails and flyers.


Teacher Appreciation Week –

Why: Teachers are our valuable resource.  We like to build and maintain a positive and family atmosphere for them.  Our teachers have a tough and challenging job as parents have daily demands.  Most of the parents are thankful for our efforts but occasionally there are situations that stress both the parents and teachers. We like to remind everyone to keep a positive attitude towards all situations, maintain children’s interest first and foremost and this week is supposed to remind everyone to show your appreciation to our teachers.     

When: refer to campus calendar for specific times

What: Take the time to celebrate your students’ teachers throughout this thematic week to thank them for their sacrifices and support for children throughout the year. To help you plan for the week we have picked a theme and have scheduled coordinating events throughout the week that you can choose to participate in. Additionally we have an ‘All About Me’ book located in the school lobby that you can read about each teachers favorite things! Thank you in advance for helping us celebrate our wonderful teaching staff.

Where: on-campus

For Administration: Thematic suggestions, Event suggestions, Flyer and reminder templates, All About Me template and Parent sign-up sheets.


End of School Party –

Why: What better reason do we need than to celebrate our children’s successful completion of a school year as they have learned the true and tested Montessori way? When you walk into a Montessori class room, you will see children busy and continuously “discovering” the joy of learning.  We need to show our appreciation to our children for their accomplishments.

When: refer to campus calendar for specific times

What: Let’s end the year with a BANG and celebrate in style! This day will be full of fun surprises for your child, we will wrap up this fun filled day with a final classroom party, and parents are welcome to attend!

Where: on-campus

For Administration: Flyer and reminder templates, parent sign-up sheets, suggestions for fun filled activities.


Celebration of Life –

Why: A child’s life is unique and therefore Dr. Montessori created a way to make his/her day special in a learning environment.  This day, all the other children celebrate the life of the child along with his/her history integrated in such a way that all aspects of earth, sun, art, history are embedded in celebrating.    

When: your child’s birthday!

What: Everyone wants to be remembered and cherished on the special day that they were born. At Heritage Montessori we celebrate this special day with a ‘Celebration of Life’ for each child.  We talk about the journey from their birth to the present day. We walk down memory lane with photos, funny stories, and wonderful memories. We let the birthday child know how cherished they are, and how our life and world is better because they were born.

We always complete the celebration with a special snack and group celebration.  In preparation of this celebration, the parents of the birthday child are asked to bring in a picture of each year of the child’s life, and write a short life story to accompany the pictures. Parents are also allowed to bring food.

Where: your child’s classroom

For Administration: Template to provide parents for a short life story, reminder to parents and flyer.


Splash Day –

Why: Kids need outdoor play for their brain development.  “Where as the child used to absorb by gazing at the world while people carried him about, now he shows an irresistible tendency to touch everything, and to pause a while on something with his hands”.  (described in “Absorbent Mind” by Maria Montessori, Holt Paperback edition, 1995, Page 168).

When: refer to campus calendar for specific times

What: A day of fun in the sun! Splish-Splash, please come to school with round one of sunscreen already applied and ready to splash (Swim clothes on, water shoes on, bring a towel). Most of the sunblocks wear off quickly so have enough applied on your child. CROCKS OR FLIP FLOPS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED. If your child is still in a diaper please bring them in a regular diaper and provide a swim diaper for them to change in to before they go outside to play in the water. It is very important that all students come to school with the appropriate attire to participate, as well as a change of dry clothes, socks and undergarments for after splash day….remember to LABEL EVERYTHING! (There will be no standing water).

Where: on-campus

For Administration: schedule template, reminders/flyers, authorization for water play.


Open Houses –

Why: Prospective parents that are interested in enrolling at Heritage Montessori, open house events are for you! This is a great time to leisurely tour the facility, meet staff and have a personal interaction with the Director.

When: refer to campus calendar for specific times

What: Open houses are usually on Saturdays.  Sign up for these events and look for them in your email.

Where: on-campus

For Administration: advertisement template, flyers, Open House check list


Fall Festival –

Why: This is a good opportunity for newly enrolled parents to mingle with both current parents and alumni.  This gives a chance for alumni to visit the school and meet all teachers and staff.  Build a family atmosphere at the school for children, staff and parents.

When: refer to campus calendar for specific times

What: Join us for a night of family fun, 6:30PM-8:30PM. Students can wear their costumes and enjoy a night of fall festivities with their family and friends! This FREE event is open to the community; please invite your neighbors and friends!

Where: on-campus

For Administration: Fall Festival suggestion of activities, flyers and reminders


Music Festival –

When: refer to campus calendar for specific times

What: A time for your children to display and perform the knowledge gained from Heritage Montessori Academy’s music class!

Where: campus gymnasium

For Administration:  flyers and reminders, schedule, template bulletin, suggested themes and songs


Fall Registration Period for Enrolled Parents –

When: refer to campus calendar for specific times

What: Time to register for the upcoming school year! See your Director for specific details.

Where: on-campus

For Administration: updated enrollment forms and parent handbooks


Registration for New Parents –

When: refer to campus calendar for specific times

What: Time to register for the upcoming school year! See your Director for specific details.

Where: on-campus

For Administration: updated enrollment forms and parent handbooks


Other Events –

Please keep an eye out for information as and when the school offers any of the following events during the year.  We will add additional information as and when it’s available.

  • summer camp
  • book fair
  • parent/teacher conferences
  • spring fling
  • muffins with mom
  • donuts for dad
  • student orientation
  • Montessori orientation night
  • Parent observation week
  • Thanksgiving celebration
  • Winter parties
  • Valentine’s Day parties
  • Parent Lesson night
  • Primary/Elementary Family Picnics
  • Spring Musical & Kinder Graduation