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The below testimonials are consolidated reviews from all of our schools. Also they are not proof read because of our policy to not edit them.

Keller School:

“Pinnacle Montessori has been an amazing school not only for me as a teacher, but also from the view point of a parent. I have been apart of Pinnacle Montessori for 2 1/2 years working as a Primary teacher, and my 7 year old son has been a part of the Lower Elementary class. The teachers and staff love the children, and go out of their way to make their parents and child’s experience at the school as positive as possible. The parent council at the school is AMAZING! The head of school and parent council work together to create events and social gatherings to bring families together. The classrooms are large and the teachers follow developmentally appropriate practices to ensure that all the children’s needs are being met. The teachers are also educated and well trained in Montessori education.”

– Nicole Miller

“Both of my children have attended Pinnacle Montessori. My son is finishing up his second year. We were confident that Montessori was the educational direction we wanted for our children’s preschool years and have loved every minute. We toured many Montessori schools in the Keller/Fort Worth area and Pinnacle stood out strongly against the rest. The staff has always been helpful and accommodating and it truly feels like a family community here!”

– TD Wise

“I have tried them all, country home, la petite, and lighthouse, by far this school sets the standard. There patience and perseverance has been the reason for the greatest changes in my home that includes two boys 3, and 4. If your looking for an honest review this is a great school where your kids are there biggest concern.”

– Christin H

Posted February 18, 2016  in,

As I sit at work during my lunch break and take a quick peek at my lil one via PMKs WatchMeGrow camera, I am continually reassured that this is the best place for my 14 month old.

From the Admin, to the infant room caretakers and now the “Little Dipper” toddler teachers…my baby girl is in excellent hands. The staff literally treats your precious kiddo as if they were their very own. It’s so obvious.

Not to mention being that this is my first child, the PMK staff have been so supportive and genuine as we (as a team & family) transition my lil one from the infant room to the toddler room.

Prior to choosing PMKs daycare, I truly did my research and due diligence when looking into facilities within the Southlake and Keller area. PMK by far had everything I was looking for and some:
* safe location.
* amazing, clean indoor and outdoor space.
* admin and caretakers who actually want to be there and love caring for children.
* a calm & organized Montessori environment with some structure where needed when you have a toddler.
* Spanish class, library time and outside gardens.
* high level of communication between teacher and parent.
* solid education & teaching objectives.

My list can go on and on. Most importantly my lil one is thriving and safe. I couldn’t ask for anything more. Keep up the great job PMK staff.

– Celina H

Posted February 18, 2016  in,

We love this school, my daughter started going to pinnacle in sep 2015 at 3.5 years and she never came back crying and is excited to go every morning. We had tried two earlier schools and had issues the way they were handling things. This school is so wonderful due to the staff, her teacher Mrs Latha and Mrs Crystal are so nice and caring. Kids in class are always disciplined, never sick and learning so many new things. We like the staff too, Miss Andrea and Miss Teaghan work very hard and they do lot of fun things on all occasions for kids and parents too. I am so glad we were able to locate this school for our daughter.

– a parent

North San Antonio School:

“My 2 boys attend this school and they are smart, funny and self confident kids. They had never come home with bite marks or nasty fights with other students. There is no turnover as far as teachers are concerned. They are learning to read, add, write plus their social skills are phenomenal! I do think that this school has a lot to do with it. It’s very structured and the teachers are stern but the children love them. My wife and I and my kids included. I don’t think I would have the same happy outgoing child willing to learn the way she does if I would’ve sent to to some “day care.” Highly recommended!!”

– Ryan S

“I am a parent and my child has been attending the Montessori school for many months at this time. I am extremely pleased with the quality of the teachers. the director and owner are extremely caring and lovely people. they arebvery competent. my child has flourished he can read , write, his understanding of math is at a much higher level compared to his older siblings.”

– Lorin W

“My daughter has been attending pinnacle Montessori for 2 years and she has thrived. The Montessori curriculum is strong and the teachers are absolutely amazing.”

– Monica S

“I haven’t worked here that long, but for the short amount of time that I have been here, it’s been amazing! Such wonderful staff! It has a incredibly positive environment for all children! I couldn’t ask for a better place to work at!”

– Naomi Joy K

“My daughter has attended Pinnacle Montessori for 2 years. The staff has been outstanding. Her teachers have been wonderful and really gotten to know her and how to work best with her. The Director and owner Ms. Aline purchased the school at the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year and she has amazing. The school is small so my daughter knows all of the staff. She has gained a great deal of knowledge since starting school here. She has learned letters, numbers, reading, addition, science, she knows the continents, and about the solar system. Honestly sometimes she knows things that even I don’t know, like how many legs a lady bug has.”

– Millie Brown

“Our three children have attended Pinnacle Montessori for about three years now. I wanted to give a shout out to the teachers at this school. I am most impressed and grateful for the morning staff at drop off. It’s the small things that matter. Every morning, I am greeted with a genuine smile and a “good morning”. Genuine! It’s not rushed or brief. The morning staff ALWAYS make me and my kids feel welcomed and greeted. I don’t mean to take anything away from all the wonderful teachers there, but I wanted to highlight Ms. Prima. She’s consistently pleasant, always smiling, and genuinely she’s caring and kind and makes my children feel safe and welcomed. It puts a positive light in mine and my children’s day just to be greeted with such warm smiles! To all, keep up the great work! Thanks! –Alex”

– Alejandro Cavazos

“I am a pre-primary teacher at Pinnacle Montessori and I love it! My co-workers are like family and my students are my children! I have worked at other Montessori schools in the past, and even though i like how they worked Pinnacle has been one of the most welcoming and comfortable of them all. Even though I teach pre-primary and most think of it as day care, my assistant and I work very hard for our children to excel in everything we teach them. From academics to everyday life skills they need to know to be ready for a primary classroom. My three year old daughter will soon be attending Pinnacle Montessori, and I am thrilled that she gets to be part of the Pinnacle family.”

– Javisela Rodriguez

“Our daughter has been at Pinnacle Montessori on Bulverde Rd for almost two years now and she has thrived! The teacher are truly wonderful! Initially, the management and administration had some difficulties but now under the leadership of Ms. Aline Lage, the school is flourishing! Ms. Allyssa, the assistant director, is very knowledgeable, responsive and fabulous to work with. Within the last few months, new classroom and playground equipment for the children were purchased and there has been marked increased communication between the school and the parents regarding upcoming events. The Montessori method allows children to explore their world and learn at their own pace. The teachers at Pinnacle Montessori do a fantastic job introducing the children to so many different ideas. My now 4 year-old knows the continents and spent the last few weeks learning about Brazil, the rain forest, and a song in Portuguese. She also has been introduced to cursive writing, math, shapes to include an equilateral triangle, and reading basic words. I can’t say enough good things about this school where all the teachers and staff know your child’s name. The PTA has also been very active encouraging parent support. If you are looking for a good pre-school for your child to help them establish a foundation for life, consider Pinnacle Montessori on Bulverde Rd.”

– Janette T

“I recently visited the school for the first time during the International Festival they held. Each classroom was impeccably decorated based on a certain country and the kids really enjoyed learning about new cultures (i.e. food, geography, clothing, music). It was incredible to see all the parents and staff working together to host and celebrate such a loving and fun family event! The HMA schools have always been impressive and I look forward to seeing them all flourish even more in the future.”

– Ana Lage

Murphy School:

My two-year old twin daughters have been attending Pinnacle Montessori of Keller for over a year. They have wonderful teachers and very caring support staff. I am impressed that, at their young age, my toddlers already attend classes such as Spanish, Music, Science, Art and Yoga.

– Kim C

Our 4.5 year old son has been in Montessori since he was about 14 months old. This is our 3rd school and by far the best school of the 3. Starting w/leadership from the Director position, patience, understanding, and knowledge of children are traits possessed by virtually every faculty member in the school. The school now has a new Director, and she hasn’t skipped a beat. She has even improved upon an already well-oiled machine. We’ve only been here for a year, but the turnaround in our son has been tremendous. Additionally, or now 16 month old son is also progressing nicely and LOVES his teachers as well.

– Chris B

I like the teachers and overall approach of teaching and encouragement towards creativity.

– Ajinder S

My oldest son started at Pinnacle when he was 4. We have liked it so much, we have kept him in through first grade and started our youngest 3 days a week at 18 months. The staff is excellent and the curriculum I feel confident that the curriculum is setting both kids up for long term academic success.

– Angela T

Our family has been associated with this school since 2011 when my older daughter started in Ms. Williams’ room. We now have two little girls in the same room and consider ourselves lucky that our children have received such an amazing experience and education early in life. Ms. Williams was an amazing teacher and now Ms. Metcalf has surpassed all our expectations. Keep up the good work!

– Surabhi V

Hi Amy & Carol,

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you both thank you! If I ever have a question or concern, or just want to talk things through with you, you are both always happy to help. I truly appreciate your partnership in providing my children with a great place to learn and grow.

It takes a village to raise a child, and I am so glad you are both a part of my village!

Thank you,

– Liz B.
Client Services Manager

Thank u for sending g work home for g! We had so much fun working in the together and talking about winter, snow and noodles ^__^ talhank you!!

Mrs. Williams and Khan

Teachers ,

You will be proud to know that 2 of your Heritage Montessori kids were 1st place in their respective grades for science fair. I think you will recognize them :)

I know in my daughters case, i give the credit to both her teachers who helped motivate her in her writing, exploring different things and researching things. The projects that Ms Metcalf does with her class shows in these 2 winners on how prepared they were.

Thank you for nurturing my little flower while she was with you guys.

Neeta Dave


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