5 Important Skills Kids Learn at Summer Camps

What are your memories of summer camps? When you reflect on your life, you most likely remember the good times, the friends you made, the confidence you gained, and the experiences that shaped you. There are countless skills kids learn at summer camps. What skills do children learn at summer camps that they may be unable to name? Let’s take a look.

Skills Kids Learn at Summer Camps:

#1 Independence

In today’s society, we sometimes want to protect our youth. Parents, teachers, and adults want to control what their children watch and are exposed to, and they want to avoid trauma at all costs. This includes conducting drills at school for potentially dangerous situations, establishing parental controls, and hovering around the children in general.

The beauty of summer camps, especially sleep-away camps, is that it helps children develop a sense of independence. They get the ‘I can do it myself’ feeling. This will affect them later in life when they face a challenge and, not always knowingly, reflect on their time at camp: they survived a bee sting or completed a rope course and overcame their fears. Summer camps can instill in children skills such as problem-solving, grit, perseverance, and hard work that will serve them well as they grow into independent adults.

The concept of independence is natural because the child will eventually separate from their parents to explore the world. So, why not do it in a safe environment, such as summer camp, to help them develop those independence skills?

#2 Social skills

Teaching children how to socialize becomes more of a planned endeavor at summer camp. There are bunk times where the campers can relax. There are countless fun activities. There are games for problem-solving and ice breaking, which take place regularly in an environment free of academic constraints.

summer camp fun

Socialization is a life skill that will benefit a person in many areas of life and work. Summer camps can be a huge indicator of a child’s social skills in this regard.

#3 New likes and interests

Camp is an excellent place to learn new skills and discover interests you had no idea existed. Camps expose students to new skills and activities, and you never know which one will stick with them. One can say that camp has a long-term impact on a child’s skill development in new activities and learning what they like.

#4 Appreciation of diversity

Summer camps are an excellent place to learn about different cultures, from the arts and crafts you make to the games you play and the people you meet.

skills kids learn at summer camps

Camp allows children to interact with people who appear different, only to discover they have a lot in common. With the world becoming more diverse, children must learn tolerance and respect for other people’s ways of life, and camp can be a vehicle for this.

#5 The intangibles

There are numerous other reasons why summer camp is essential. Camp can teach a child so many life lessons, from identifying who they are as a person to building self-confidence. Summer camps bring out or instills in its campers the intangibles that make up a person’s character: trustworthiness, responsibility, developing an ethical compass, and even empathy. Summer camps amplify these intangibles to help kids realize who they are and how important they are.


With different activities at summer camps, kids learn multiple essential skills. Summer camps are beneficial in different ways, from developing social skills to independence. Enrolling your kids in summer camp is the best option. We at Heritage Montessori Academy organize summer camps with different themes every year. Choose summer camp and let your kid feel the magic of summer camps.


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