5 Easy Ways to Clean Clutter With Montessori

Every child has a superpower. Are you curious as to what it is? They can create STUFF out of nothing! Regardless of how much we get rid of or how vigilant we are at removing the clutter, the stuff always seems to return, almost magically. Continue reading to know how to clean clutter with Montessori.

How to Clean Clutter with Montessori Methods:

Do you ever have this feeling? There are always more papers, no matter how many we throw away. There are always new toys to take their place. It’s enough to drive you insane as a parent at times! Isn’t it amazing that we’ve already reached the year 2022? As we begin a new year, cleaning the clutter is one of the first things on everyone’s mind. Clearing out all of the clutter is one of them. But where should we start? Here are 5 EASY ways to clear the clutter with Montessori methods.

#1 Observe

This is basic work, but it may be the most crucial in this action plan and your Montessori practices. You will be able to follow your child’s lead if you observe them. While you’re watching, make sure you’re taking notes. See how your child is reacting to a particular situation. Also, see what your child likes or dislikes. Observing your kids will be quite helpful.

#2 Follow

You can use your observations about children’s preferences to follow your child’s lead once you’ve made observations about their preferences. This is something you’ll hear repeatedly throughout your Montessori education. Take a few moments to reflect on what you’ve seen and written down. Is your child primarily engaging with gross motor toys? Maybe they’re now obsessed with puzzles, colors, numbers, or letters? There is no ‘correct’ response to the question of what they should be interested in. It is just our responsibility as parents to keep track of their interests and utilize those notes to help us (in this case) clear up toy clutter in a meaningful way.

#3 Sort

Now that you’ve observed and followed your child’s example, it’s time to go through the materials and toys you currently have. It’s as simple as writing down which toys or materials will be kept and which will be discarded. Because you’re more in tune with your child’s interests, you can make better decisions about which toys are cluttered and which toys may stay.

Three Indicators That a Toy Might Be Clutter

  • It does not pique your child’s curiosity.
  • Some pieces are broken or missing.
  • It’s obnoxious and distracting.

This is a frequently missed phase in Montessori because parents typically add new Montessori materials without first evaluating what they already have and their children’s interests. The problem with this is that if you skip it, your surroundings will not be fully prepared. The more Montessori benefits you observe, the more prepared your environment is. This is also the first step in setting up successful toy rotations.

#4 Prepare

Open shelves are recommended by both Montessori and minimalist living. From a minimalist standpoint, this will keep your home tidy and prevent you from accumulating extra clutter in closed-off areas. Low shelves are utilized in Montessori because they are eye level and allow the child to make an independent choice to play or work on a material without the assistance of an adult. It’s also critical that everything on the shelves is Montessori-aligned and relevant to our children’s interests (which are the same).

#5 Remove

Is there a box of toys or materials in your child’s room that he or she is no longer interested in? Get them out of here! These toys can be donated, given away to friends, or sold, among other options. It could be time to toss them out if they’re broken or missing components.


Clean Clutter With Montessori

Being a parent is not a piece of cake. You need to take care of different things, and Organizing your home is one of them to consider. Of course, each of the Montessori methods to clean clutter mentioned above will help you to go from unorganized and overwhelmed to a distraction-free Montessori home. So, why stress? Try these now! If you also want your kid to be more disciplined, opt for the best Montessori school.

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