Montessori Education

Montessori Education: A Unique Method of Learning?

Maria Montessori began working with children more than a century ago yet her life’s work and legacy have altered our knowledge of children and how they interact with the world around them. Dr. Montessori’s work is now carried on through accredited Montessori schools around the world, staffed by Montessori-certified educators known as ‘guides.’ They work to support the complete child, assisting children of all ages in becoming capable, independent, and collaborative learners. Her life’s work and philosophy help us realize

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Montessori schools in allen tx

Montessori Education is Exceptionally Successful?

To develop potential in the child parents must choose the right education program. Because of countless options, it is tough to decide on one. Also, parents must consider all the vital factors when it comes to choosing the schools. Though there are different options available, yet it is suggested that you pick a Montessori school.  As a responsible parent, you would undoubtedly want to provide your child with the greatest possible education. It is important to remember that between the

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