Christmas with kids

How to celebrate Christmas with kids?

The cold breeze, chilly mornings, freezing nights, bright shining moon, and morning fog all point to one thing: Christmas has arrived! Now the question comes; How to celebrate Christmas with kids? Most people are looking forward to this time of year because of all the festivities that will take place. The joy of celebration multiplies when shared with loved ones, as seen at holidays such as Christmas! Having children in the family is even more enjoyable because your child will

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10 Tips To Improve Your Child’s Writing Skills

Children’s minds seem to be always brimming with intriguing concepts, ideas, and tales. But sometimes, it’s difficult to remember those details and put them in writing. You can make your kid do a few activities to improve writing skills. Kids who write and read effectively become better readers and writers. Fortunately, there are a few activities you can carry out at home to encourage your child’s writing skills. Improve your child’s writing skills: #1 Keep writing supplies on hand: Any

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Effective parenting

4 Tips For More Effective Parenting

One of the hardest and most fulfilling jobs in the world is raising children, yet it’s also the one for which you can feel the least equipped. However, you can make it easy by following the parenting tips. In this blog, we have covered a few tips that parents should know. Have a look at them: Ways for more effective parenting tips: #1 Boost your child’s self-esteem: When children first view themselves through their parents’ eyes as babies, they begin

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Prepare kids for first day of school

9 Tips To Prepare Kids For The First Day Of School

Vacations are over, and school has started. Kids can be excited and nervous both on their first day of school. Parents can also feel the same way. This blog has covered a few tips to prepare kids for the first day of school. Continue reading to know more about this: Prepare kids for first day of school: #1 Follow a sleep schedule: Establish a consistent sleep schedule a few weeks before the start of school because it can be challenging

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Fun Summer Activities For Kids

Summer vacations are probably the best time to spend quality one-on-one time with your child. Summer vacations mean trying out some fun summer activities for kids. It’s a welcome change from the action-packed, monotonous school days when you’re on auto-pilot and only have a few hours to spend with your child. However, it is only a matter of time before you run out of activities for your child and face the arduous task of keeping the “fun” alive. Here is

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Tips to motivate kids to do homework

5 Tips to Motivate Kids to Do Homework

You’re not alone if you’re a parent whose child frequently ignores homework and comes to you at the eleventh hour, barely managing to finish it. Thus, parents should know the tips to motivate kids to do homework on time. Homework, whether one enjoys it or not, is an integral component of one’s academic life. If your child isn’t the exceptionally rare, highly timely, organized, and academically high-spirited kind, you’re well aware of the problems that homework can cause in families.

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What are the Qualities of a Montessori Teacher?

When choosing the perfect Montessori program for your child, it’s important to ask all the correct questions during your Montessori school visit. It’s also crucial to observe the teachers throughout your school tour. Check out the qualities of a Montessori teacher which is crucial. What are the Qualities of a Montessori Teacher? #8 Serve as a link between the kids and the resources. If you don’t know how to do something, neither will the kids. Even if you’ve completed the

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Why Montessori Use Mixed Age Groups in Classrooms?

There are many characteristics of Montessori education, and mixed-age groups are one of them. One of the questions that come to our mind is why Montessori use mixed age groups? When Maria Montessori began developing the method of education that now bears her name, she revolutionized the way children were educated. Tables and chairs were downsized to child size, children were given real tasks to complete, and observation (rather than testing) became the primary method for determining a child’s growth.

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6 Tips to Help Children Connect With Nature

Children used to spend most of their spare time in contact with nature until about thirty years ago. Parks and playgrounds were created as a result of urbanization, as were fields, forests, empty lots to explore, and even backyards. Children have complete freedom to play, explore, and engage with nature. Tips to Help Children Connect With Nature: The world we live in now is vastly different. Children no longer have the freedom to explore the world around them, and many

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5 Easy Ways to Clean Clutter With Montessori

Every child has a superpower. Are you curious as to what it is? They can create STUFF out of nothing! Regardless of how much we get rid of or how vigilant we are at removing the clutter, the stuff always seems to return, almost magically. Continue reading to know how to clean clutter with Montessori. How to Clean Clutter with Montessori Methods: Do you ever have this feeling? There are always more papers, no matter how many we throw away.

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