6 Tips To Break Smartphone Addiction In Kids

No doubt, smartphones have made our lives super easy. However, you can’t deny that smartphone addiction in kids and adults is also there. And being a parent, you must ensure your child doesn’t become smartphone addicted. Here are some useful tips that you can follow to break your child’s smartphone addiction.

Tips to break smartphone addiction in kids.

#1 Keep your child engaged.

More kids are being forced to stay indoors as play areas get smaller. Children, therefore, spend their time playing with their toys. Others become dependent on technology, such as smartphones, which serve as communication and entertainment devices. Take kids to a playground or a park to spend some time running about to avoid this from happening.

break smartphone addiction in kids

If that is not possible, sign him up for a local sports team or take him on regular nature excursions to show him the world’s wonders. Growing environmental consciousness can pique his interest and capture his imagination.

#2 Restrict the use.

Nowadays, smartphones are an essential part of people’s lives, making it challenging to keep them away from kids. Your child might eventually start using your phone, but you don’t want her to become dependent on it. Ensure your child understands that she is permitted to use a smartphone if you have talked to her about the appropriate usage guidelines. Avoid using it when it’s time to eat, study, go to bed, or play outside.

#3 Talk to them.

Children seem to find the brilliant colors and animations on smartphone screens appealing. Discuss your child’s favorite television shows with her. Ask her to explain the tale and the characters. Extend the experience by acting out the narrative when it’s time to put the phone away.

#4 Set password.

You may not always be able to keep an eye on your kid and prevent him from using a smartphone. The use of technology can help you in this case. To prevent your child from using phone while you are away, set a password on it.

#5 Set a good example.

It is your responsibility as parents to introduce phones and other technology to your children. If your child needs your attention, offer it to them instead of giving them the phone, so you may use it to get work done. This is how your youngster develops an addiction and learns that they will receive a mobile phone every time they act out.

break smartphone addiction in kids

On their smartphones, a lot of parents spend a lot of time. Children are likely to imitate their parents’ kid behavior in these situations, so warning them not to use their phones may not be effective. So, set a positive example for your kid by using your phone responsibly. If your line of work necessitates heavy smartphone usage, explain it to your kid.

#6 Spend time with kids.

Even though most parents have extremely hectic schedules, it’s crucial to make time for connecting with kids. She will feel valuable and useful if you play board games with her or involve her in activities like cooking or gardening. She will therefore quit using her smartphone as a loneliness escape. Additionally, you can support your kid’s interests in small science experiments, music, reading, writing fiction, art, and painting.

Instead of using a phone, parents should give their kids enough time. You should play with your toddlers, chat with them, take them on a nature walk, and let them explore the outdoors instead of playing with your phone. The greatest time to develop a close relationship with your toddler as a parent and teach them appropriate manners and habits is now. Consider the era before cell phones. How did kids develop during that time?


Smartphone addiction in kids is normal. It’s difficult to keep children off your phone because the withdrawal symptoms include refusing food and throwing unreasonable temper tantrums. No need to worry now. Following these tips could be quite helpful. When raising toddlers, sticking to a few tricks and tips helps a lot.



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