How to celebrate Christmas with kids?

The cold breeze, chilly mornings, freezing nights, bright shining moon, and morning fog all point to one thing: Christmas has arrived! Now the question comes; How to celebrate Christmas with kids? Most people are looking forward to this time of year because of all the festivities that will take place.

The joy of celebration multiplies when shared with loved ones, as seen at holidays such as Christmas! Having children in the family is even more enjoyable because your child will energize and joy the atmosphere. Suppose you have a child and haven’t considered his participation in your celebrations, reconsider. In that case, you could be passing up an opportunity to make this Christmas memorable for both him and you!

Celebrate christmas with kids

Celebrating Christmas with your children allows you to spend quality time with them. But, to make this an unforgettable time of togetherness, here are some ideas for Christmas activities for kids.

Celebrate Christmas with Kids:

You’re all in, aren’t you? We’ve compiled a list of fun Christmas activities for kids requiring minimal effort and maximum enjoyment. You will want to capture your child’s delighted expression if you’re prepared with a camera!

#1 Write a letter to Santa

The first thing children remember (and love) about Christmas is Santa Claus. Instead of going out and buying gifts for your child every year, why not make him go the extra mile and talk to Santa himself? Sit with your child and have glitter pens, markers, crayons, sketch pens, fancy papers, and envelopes on hand for this activity.

Encourage your child to write a letter to Santa, letting him know what he wants this year. Make sure he fills it with all of his favorite things. Then you can assist him in obtaining Santa’s “address” and mailing it to him!

This activity will also serve as a wonderful keepsake; you can show him these letters when he is older and reminisces!

#2 Wrap gifts with your kids:

Given the number of gifts required for Christmas, it is always a good idea to enlist your children’s assistance when making homemade gifts. From bundling the sweets to wrapping and arranging the gifts, your child will not only have fun but will also learn various skills.

#3 Storytelling is the best option:

Christmas is a magical time, and what makes it even more magical are the beautiful stories that surround the holiday. Snuggle up under a warm blanket with some hot chocolate and tell your child some Christmas stories. Do this before bedtime, preferably on Christmas Eve, so your child wakes up in a festive mood on Christmas! Use the internet to find a plethora of delightful Christmas stories for children. This is one of the best Christmas activities to do with your toddler because his imagination will undoubtedly run wild.

#4 Enjoy movie marathon:

Even better than Christmas stories are holiday movies – this is one of the most enjoyable Christmas activities for children and can become a family tradition. Gather your family and watch happy Christmas movies for kids on Christmas. This is a tradition that your child will enjoy and look forward to every year.

#5 Decorate cookies with your little ones:

Christmas is a time of delicious food that is otherwise restricted for children – this can be a fun game for you and your child! Make some plain vanilla cookies ahead of time, and have some icing (in various colors), sprinkles, chocolate chips, and other additions on hand.

christmas with kids

On Christmas Day, throw a cookie decorating party at your house! Your child will enjoy decorating cookies in his own unique style, and he will undoubtedly enjoy eating his own little masterpieces!


Christmas means fun activities with your kids. We at Heritage Montessori Academy organize different activities for your little ones that foster learning and develop essential skills in them effortlessly.



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