4 Amazing Thanksgiving Activities For Kids

Thanksgiving is around the corner. It is an occasion that can help you develop essential skills in your little ones. Try out different thanksgiving activities with kids, and make it a memorable one. Continue reading the blog to know more about thanksgiving activities for kids.

Thanksgiving Activities For Kids:

Thanksgiving is a time for families to gather around the table, share a meal, and reflect on their blessings. Children are naturally a part of these traditions and celebrations, but we sometimes need to remember to include them in meal planning, preparation, and cleanup. This involvement can instill responsibility and appreciation in children and lay the groundwork for traditions they can carry on in the future.

#1 Teach them how to appreciate:

Encourage children to write a note to someone who has made a positive difference in their lives once a week. Consider writing to grandparents, siblings, or other close family members and friends.

Bake cookies or another special treat for your neighbors during November. Deliver them as a family and express your appreciation for them. 

You can perform these small acts with your little ones and make them learn appreciation differently. 

#2 Involve kids in food preparation:

Involve children in the preparation of the Thanksgiving meal. You can delegate specific recipe tasks to your children. If working with many children at once appears too much, prepare food ahead of time and work one on one with each child.

Thanksgiving activities with kids

There are numerous recipes for Thanksgiving turkeys made from various candies on the internet. They are not only delicious desserts, but they also serve as table decorations.

The holidays are an ideal time to begin compiling a collection of traditional family recipes for each child. Each child can make a recipe card on the computer or copy a favorite recipe onto an index card. Every year, add to the collection. When your children are old enough to start their own families, they will appreciate receiving a set of recipe cards that they designed when they were young.

These kinds of unique activities bring you close to your little one and make the festivals full of fun.

#3 Try some creativity with your little ones:

Assign children to create a group poem for a dramatic reading on Thanksgiving. Another option is to have each child write a Thanksgiving limerick or an acrostic that includes the word Thanksgiving.

Butcher block paper was used to cover the dinner table. Give children markers and ask them to draw things they are grateful for. Adult guests also enjoy this activity.

Make a scrapbook with photos from the Thanksgiving season. Assign older children photography duties, and include everyone in the memory-keeping process.

Thanksgiving activities with kids

Make reviewing the scrapbook an annual family tradition by adding new pictures each year.

#4 Thanksgiving performances:

Give the kids a few books about the first Thanksgiving. They can collaborate to create a reenactment of the historical event after reading the books. Make certain they learn about the Pilgrims, Squanto, and other indigenous peoples. Provide simple materials and props for children to make their own costumes. Refrain from attempting to direct the skit yourself.

Allow them to personalize the performance. Schedule a time for their performance on Thanksgiving. Remember to record the event. Indulging kids in these activities helps them develop essential skills.

Request that the children prepare a performance for a talent show. They could sing, dance, perform illusions, recite a poem, tell jokes, or demonstrate an interest. Increase the fun by giving each child a one-of-a-kind award (e.g., most creative, funniest, most musical, etc.).


Trying out various creative thanksgiving activities with your kids can make the occasion full of fun and also develop essential skills in them. From baking with your kids to giving thank you notes to the neighbors, try different things and enjoy the holiday season.




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