10 Tips To Improve Your Child’s Writing Skills

Children’s minds seem to be always brimming with intriguing concepts, ideas, and tales. But sometimes, it’s difficult to remember those details and put them in writing. You can make your kid do a few activities to improve writing skills.

Kids who write and read effectively become better readers and writers. Fortunately, there are a few activities you can carry out at home to encourage your child’s writing skills.

Improve your child’s writing skills:

#1 Keep writing supplies on hand:

Any moment can be an inspiration. Encourage your child to bring a pen and paper during the family vacation.

Writing skills in kids

Make sure a writing station with books, pencils, paper, erasers, and a trash can is easily accessible at home.

#2 Encourage keeping a journal:

Get your kid a diary, and encourage them to write a brief note every day about their day. Ask them questions to get them thinking, and talk to them about what they enjoyed doing. Don’t worry too much about spelling, respect their need for privacy, and give them the impression that they may express themselves freely without fear of being judged.

#3 Use a family message board or a chalkboard:

Children must comprehend that writing is a deliberate endeavor. Allow your child to participate in the family shopping list or on the family messaging board by adding items or writing remarks. Don’t forget to thank them for their assistance.

#4 Write letters:

Encourage your child to create and send their own greetings to family and friends if you frequently send them cards, letters, or emails. Practice yourself by collaborating on numerous draft versions and taking turns reading them aloud.

#5 Offer writing exercises:

Given that creative writing can be challenging, giving your child a subject or theme to write about is frequently beneficial. Simple prompts can be made, and your child can fill in the remainder.

#6 Create a storyboard:

A storyboard is a collection of images that act as a comic strip-like narrative. Making a storyboard is a creative and practical approach for your child to plot out their narrative and include illustrations to help them visualize what will happen.

#7 Encourage imaginative play as a way to spark a love of writing:

This is a good concept to pique young children’s attention in writing. You may pretend to be a post office employee with scribbles and have your kid “write” and “respond” to handwritten messages. Alternately, have your child record your order while you pretend to be a restaurant patron. Trying different activities could be quite helpful.

#8 Be their biggest supporter:

Always give your child positive feedback and show an interest in what they write. Praise them for trying out new words, and help them correctly spell any challenging words they may have spelled incorrectly.

#9 Before writing, read:

Before starting a paper, have your kid read a book to understand how stories are put together.

Develop writing skills in kids

Before students write their own story, choose a book that has a standard “beginning,” “middle,” and “end” and explain how the story is organized.

#10 Write your own book of stories:

For your child, homemade books provide a variety of advantages. Give out a range of papers and pencils, and while making your own books, take inspiration from others. View additional advice on creating homemade books.


Making good writing skills requires a lot of work, so watch that your kid doesn’t lose motivation too quickly. It’s challenging! Give them plenty of chances to practice so that they have an opportunity to get better. Our daily lives include writing regularly. However, learning and mastering this skill can be challenging. You may encourage your child to start writing at a young age by giving them a head start with a few easy tasks. Read our blog section to know useful tips to develop essential skills in kids.

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