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Filling Form
Filling Form

how to register

If you have already taken a tour of our school, you should have received a copy of our registration materials to fill out. Below are any missing materials for you to download and print. Please fill out all of the forms and bring them back to school or scan and email. It’s mandatory that we receive all information as child care licensing requirements dictate you cannot start the school without having these forms in including the immunization record from your child’s physician.

Dress code

Little steps Montessori believes all students should be given an equal opportunity to learn and interact with one another. By implementing a uniform policy we hope to remove a significant distraction and place the emphasis back on learning and fun! Not all students are able to afford expensive clothing and our uniform policy hopes to create a level playing field where children from all socio-economic backgrounds can come to share.
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school safety

For parents

Heritage Montessori constructed the school with a vision to provide a secure and peaceful environment. The safety of the students is our utmost priority, and we take our job seriously.

Staff training

The staff present at the school has passed strict interview rounds wherein we thoroughly check their background, criminal record, and FBI checks. All the faculty members are trained in CPR.

Student training

Every new semester, the students are given safety training for emergencies like fire, lockdown, and earthquake drills. It keeps them ready for facing any foreseen events.


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