6 Ideas for Connecting With Your Toddler

Sometimes we have so little time for our children because we are so busy with our careers, our own goals, and improving the world. As cliché as it may sound, the time we have with children is so limited, and it goes by so rapidly that if we’re not careful, we might completely miss out on their childhoods. Thus, connecting with your toddler is important.

Making connections with kids is important:

The most effective parenting tool you have is your ability to connect with your children. You’ll be able to communicate with your child more effectively, and, more often than not, they’ll listen to you when you speak and be more eager to cooperate if you can establish a connection with them.

Building relationships with children is the answer to most parenting problems, and parenting gets simpler and more fun when you do.

That doesn’t imply that occasionally you won’t disagree. Any relationship can experience rifts; this is entirely normal. Even yet, having a strong bond with your child makes it simpler to mend any rifts, and you can go through life confident that there is a foundation of respect and trust between you both.

Ideas for Connecting With Your Toddler

#1 Always listen to them:

Always pay attention to what your child is trying to tell you. Make her feel heard even if you don’t always understand her readily. Let her repeat before gently correcting her. Explain the surroundings whenever she makes a point.


connecting with your toddler

Help her explain what she wants to say by interpreting her gestures and sounds.

#2 Use sign language:

Most mothers rely on sign language to explain straightforward concepts to their kids. Simple indications like eating, drinking, and sleeping may be where you begin.

Let your young child connect the words to the activity. Make it a point to repeat the sign when you are engaging in a particular activity to give the youngster time to comprehend it.

#3 Go to a playground:

A fantastic way to help your child communicate better is to take her to a playground. Because children learn best when they are with others of the same age, try to find a location with a group of kids.

connecting with your toddler

You may express a lot and expand your vocabulary by using the environment. Additionally, you could make use of numerous natural references that are not typically found in our homes. Play tag outside, seek for bugs or collect leaves for those five minutes. Jump rope, play hopscotch, or blow bubbles. Walk the dog, hula hoop, or throw a ball.

#4 Ask questions:

Start by asking your child some simple questions. You will be better able to comprehend your child’s development and her reaction as a result. Ask her what she wants to eat to start, and then offer her an apple or a banana as a possibility. Allowing her to decide will give her power. If necessary, you can let her choose her own clothes so that she can actively participate in her development.

#5 Use songs and rhymes:

The purpose of nursery rhymes is for young children to enjoy singing and dancing to them. You’ll see that the rhymes all have a singing tone, and you can experiment with many different hand gestures.


Sing to your kid, then let her sing it back. Your child’s cognitive learning will increase by discovering related words and sounds in rhymes.

#6 Tell stories:

To encourage your child’s creativity, use stories. Although it could be challenging initially, as your child develops, you won’t be able to imagine the vivid vision that she is conjuring up. She can ask you questions, you can read to her, and you can give her examples from real life to help her comprehend. These tales can aid in instilling moral principles. Sounds and gestures play a significant role in a child’s communication and development. Don’t hold yourself back from experimenting.


We at Heritage Montessori Academy believe that being a good parent or caretaker requires building a close relationship with the child. Thus, our teachers and caretakers always try to build a strong bond with the little ones and make learning more enjoyable.


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